Unleashing the Future of Digital Marketing: Insights and Highlights from Digital Marketers Australia Conference Day 2

By Published On: March 18, 2023
Digital Marketers Australia Conference 2023 - Day 2

Digital Marketers Australia Conference 2023 – Day 2


It’s day 2 of the ‘Digital Marketers Australia Conference’ for 2023 and everyone arrives later, more relaxed and a little weary.

Two days clearly takes its toll on the amount a person can absorb and the que at the Hotel bar for coffee is long and not quick.

We’re all finding our stride by now and know a little clearer what we’re interested in garnering from the $547 ticket.

The event organisers look looser and smoother too so we lounge in the foyer and watch the daily Hotel operations execute along side our event.

We roll into the main room and find our seats.

The lead in to day 2 at the Digital Marketers Australia Conference

There’s a soothing hum of people chit-chatting and catching up on how we all felt yesterday went. It’s positive.

Of course some people find a way to have a quick whinge about things in their life. Their current job usually. The lack of money. The rising price of a Snickers bar at the petrol station across the road.

Stephen strolls up the isle, mic in hand, everyone finds their seats and settles in.

Stephen amps the room and introduces the first speaker.

9. Alita Harvey-Rodriguez | MI Academy

Passionate-about-people Alita from MI Academy, swoops in to corporate battle zones where better Customer Experience (CX) is needed and attests it comes from positive Staff Experience (SX) on the front line.

There’s definitely something in that. Polls & Surveys are useful but only at the right time. Heads up, blasting out surveys to people who have just received their new sneakers in the mail will obviously be happy so, it’s not real.

Extract feedback all the way along and at the right time. Feedback Loops. Close the loops. Marketers Skills. Right people right skills. Skills for life. NPS (Net Promoter Score). Loyalty Programs. One affects the other.

I am a little burned out from running ops like this so I am relieved there are people who not only like to do this but, are good at doing this work. I think it’s going to be very important in the future. People are difficult to please. Managing people is hard.

10. Trevor Henselwood | Websavvy.com.au

There’s a last minute schedule change and what should have been Tyler Garner, we are informed is now Trevor. I don’t think anyone cares what order it is in so we nod and pen some notes in our booklets and look to the front. I now have large arrow marks showing the swap in my booklet which I’m annoyed with but I’ll get over it.

Trevor is the Head of Facebook & Digital Strategy at Websavvy.com.au and comes across like a top bloke to have a good chat with. Engaging.

And while there are some deeper mechanics to get a handle on, you know it’s important stuff when its’ delivered with a North American accent. He says he sounds different because he’s from Belgrave but I suspect it’s probably more like Canada. And that’s ok too.

Average is not a reliable metric. Performance has a cap. Focus on your Campaigns.

Upper Funnel = Reach & Views – think awareness at 90 days and 10-15% of your Ad budget spend.

Middle Funnel = Consideration time of 45 days at 5% of your spend.

Lower Funnel = Performance time is now and that’s where 80-85% of Ad spend should take place.

Go over your campaigns again and again. Tweak, Rinse, Repeat.

It’s a shame we don’t utilise Pinterest more here in Australia. Maybe that will change. It should.

11. Chris Zissis | YT Automatic

YT is Youtube Automation. No website for these guys that I could find. This kind of stuff sounds like Affiliate, lead based -> traffic based lamington drives with cuts of chocolate icing off the sides and tops with a dab of sponsorship money to be featured later on.

But make no mistake, this content can make a boat load of money if you’re the right kat making the right sauce everyone wants on their fries. The presentation claims the systems to make 6 figure profits yadda yadda.

I’m into all this stuff and how fractions of money can be made. Views can be driven up so Ads show more. Sliver to Deliver they say.

It’s a young persons game.

12. Tyler Garner | YT Automatic

At this point we’re not sure why there are two people from the same place talking about very similar things. But Tyler, he can talk. And fast so, keep up.

This talk is very much in the Facebook Ads realm and Tyler clearly spruiks that he has spent a lot of other peoples money. I blush.

Unit Economics / Macro Levers / Waste Spend. Finding the right funnel. Lots of abbreviated terms; CPM / CTR / CVR / ROAS / CPC / PPC.

Spread Ads across all placements to test where the fish are biting. Trial more creatives. Hook fatigue is a common occurrence so change it up. Social proof. Start broad and drill down. There’s another mention of Feedback Loops. Thumb-Stop-Rate is a metric. Average Watch time is less than 5 seconds so if someone watches more, FB is on it.

It is clear these guys know what they’re talking about. I’m not sure if everyone else did.

You could title these last two presentations as: ‘I Frickn’ Love Money’ with by-lines of ‘New ways to make money online’, or ‘Did you know you can do this to make money online?’. Fast-paced, interesting stuff.

13. Panel: Tyler Garner / Trevor Henselwood / Mike Rhodes

The guys we’re thrown a few scenarios to sell Skin Care Products and how they would approach it.

Pretty images of creams being applied. Soft colours. Graphics vs Videos – which is best? Answer: Try both and find out.

Try one photo with a dark table, one with a white table. Change the hook. Make another hook. Throw more money at it.

It’s NOT a perfect science rather more trial and error. It’s the same when creating a menu in a restaurant. Even with stats by your side, you’re still in the dark, until you’re not.

It’s now lunch time and I’m out for a stroll through Richmond since it’s a beautiful day.

14. Alyssa Yap | Gather ‘n’ Grow

Ok. It’s mid afternoon on a Friday and Aussies are starting to struggle. They’re pining for their bottle.

Alyssa Yap from Gather n Grow is on our case about recession proofing our businesses. Optimising our customer data to cut the junk and automate our digital marketing. It’s a mouthful and we’re fading but we hang in there.

Think CRM Revops. Qualified leads so Agents don’t waste another second on poor quality contacts. Sounds fair enough.

Mind the Gap between data and insight. There’s a loop inside another loop and then a broken loop so you fix that loop and keep looping. I became dizzy.

The final jewel in the crown for me buying a ticket to this (there were many attractive points FYI) was seeing that a speaker was a Hubspot Gold Partner. I’m about to integrate Hubspot into two wordpress / woocommerce sites that I’m delivering. I wanted to see a customer experience working. The flow. The outcome. The possibilities.

Alyssa says straight up that there will be no talk of Hubspot even though it’s in her Bio, but rather slides about Customer Experience.

She recommends a book to go and read called: The Sales Acceleration Formula by Mark Robege. I make a sad face.

15. Peter Macinkovic | Easygo Gaming

I am not a Casino / Gambling person but it’s very enjoyable to watch someone who is really into what they do.

And saying ‘Peter loves SEO‘ might be an understatement. His energy is contagious and fortunately for us he has quite a few other examples of his SEO wins he wants to share and they are all gems. Peter also runs the monthly SEO Meetup events so get on that.

At this point I’ve run out of space in my Digital Marketers Australia handbook that I am now writing on the back cover.

SEO Discovery. Content & Credibility. Must ad a unique keyword per page / product. Eliminate all duplicates (as shown on JB HIFI website and Damn! It’s cleaner). Sitemaps use your primary navigation expecting it will be a marker that’s always there and the pages and content will change. Add a schema.

Search valuation of your site is based on authority so things like your photo, address, ABN number are all relevant.

Make it as easy as possible for crawlers to crawl your site. And a website crawler and log file analyser Screaming Frog is a top mention.

Sitting behind me is Jessica Scholz. I gingerly turn to see if she’s watching this and affirming it all with a nod but, she’s tapping furiously on her laptop which I gleam later is another presentation for later that evening.

With great power comes great responsibility.

16. Harry Sanders | StudioHawk

We’re near to the end and the room is less than half which I find selfish and a little disrespectful as people are now switching off early. Through the closed door there is loud but muffled chatter and laughter. Some people drip back in 15-20 minutes after the start which is distracting for the speaker. Tightly gripping a glass of wine coz after all, it was Friday.

Their loss as Harry is one of the good ones and if you haven’t heard about Digital PR yet, you are going to in the very near future.

StudioHawk is an SEO Agency and they have some beautiful birds in flight through their website. There are many pillars of SEO but Harry only has three. Onsite, Offsite & Backlinks – which are the hardest. That’s where Digital PR comes into it.

Backlinks create authority so their value is their own currency. But it comes with a few caveats; there must be a good reason to link to you.

Digital PR sets to task on just that. Reaching out to various groups. Journalists are his current muse where he crafts email swirls to garner attention and hopefully an article with a backlink. And it works. Very well apparently.

Muckrack is mentioned. A place where Journos throw out news wants and people like Harry are perched to reply in favour for an article ping. Here, you can monitor the news but never ever call a Journalist. Ever.

Attention. Interest. Desire. Action. All the relevant nouns of now.

Finally, we are flicked Hunter AI again so we’ll have to spend time on that.

Stephen lets us know quickly there are informal network drinks in the Hotel lounge but my body battery is 5/100 so, I’m out.

And they are thinking to do another Digital Marketers Australia Conference later in the year but somewhere warmer, like Queensland perhaps.

Question: Is it right then to ask: Was this the best Conference for Digital Marketing Australia this year? Answer: Ask us when the year is over.

We arch forward in our chairs.

Fling our bags over our shoulders.

Stand. Stretch. We are done.

Day 2 Wrap

Today was different. The offering was different and content also varied which is so welcome. The variety was key here to the whole Conference.

We were all more comfortable. Loose is the word. We came and went from the auditorium more casually and some were connecting on Linkedin which we heard earlier was a graveyard these days. Dark sentiments.

As we shuffle out to hit the tram stop we recap these last two days:
Ai is here / Facebook loves your money / Emails can be spammy / Burner domains are a thing / Instagram Reels can be huge / Google Eco-System is enormous / Instagram has saved folders / Failure can be success / Gong… The Goliaths don’t care about you – you are data / CX comes from SX / Youtube is its own mountain to climb / Spending other peoples money is awesome / Hubspot was a no-show / It’s ok to love SEO / Digital PR is a thing / Two out of Three Sponsors were no where to be seen, heard from or found but I felt them in spirit.

Everyone was really good. Would I go again? Absolutely.


URL: Digital Marketers Australia Conference
Where: Amora Hotel Riverwalk Melbourne
Address: 649 Bridge Rd, Richmond VIC 3121
Date: Thursday March 16 & Friday March 17, 2023
Sponsors: GrowthLabs / ahrefs / Active Campaign

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